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Let It Come Receives National Airplay - April 9, 2007

Hello all--

We'll be sending a newsletter out in a few days--we just returned from a great CD release at Caffe Lena and our work in NM (thanks to Dan for his support there). However, we did want to list that Let It Come received national airplay on 51 Percent, an internationally syndicated NPR program (over 130 stations in the U.S. and Canada, and Armed Forces Radio). Thanks to the host, Mary Darcy, for recognizing Siobhan (the program is about women) and featuring the song. We are very pleased and humbled.


Release Time!! - March 29, 2007

Tomorrow we head for NY and the release party at Caffe Lena. Based on current reservations, the report is that we can expect a sell-out, or very close to it. That's nice, we've been worried all week that the Final Four will get in the way (dare I write that down and remind anyone?) Of course, we only live about 7 miles or so from the Georgetown campus, and they are IN the Final Four. So maybe it won't matter too much in Saratoga Springs, NY. We promise a good show, so call and book a seat if you haven't already made your reservations.

Then, after the show Saturday night, we have a crack o dawn flight to New Mexico, where we'll be doing some songwriting, some performing, and helping record a demo. That place is always inspiring....even with the work we have to do, we're looking forward to the creativity that the southwest generates for us. And 10,000 Waves. Don't forget 10,000 Waves. And the Lucchese store. They make really good boots! If you don't believe us, just look at that cover photo!

Anyway, we're very humbled by the good response so far to those who have heard the disc, and to the reception it received on air in our radio promo shows in NY a couple of weeks ago. Thank you for all the kind words.

As for tips for the day, here are some guidelines for life I learned from a friend:

1. Show up--radical presence
2. Do what has heart and meaning
3. Tell the truth
4. Be open to outcomes

I'm far from perfect at those practices, but if we could all do those four things well, the world would be a better place.

See you soon.


IT'S HERE! - March 19, 2007

Oasis CD Duplication surprised us by beating their guaranteed delivery time by 10 days...and we were already pushing the limits! They were great!

We now have the CDs in hand for the release party at Caffe Lena. If you don't live in the area where you could come to the release party, and you really can't wait for your copy of Dreamers, Lovers, and Outlaws, email us (see contact info on this site) and we'll tell you how you can get a copy in the next week or so. We will be putting the discs out on CDBaby, but direct orders are always more than welcome...especially since we haven't had time to set up a CD Baby account as of yet.

We must say, even in our own terribly biased opinion, they sound great. The players on the disc, the sound artists who recorded and mixed, all of it---it was a great, intensive, and FAST bit of work--all excellently done. We thank all of you who helped us make this project fly.

And thanks so much to Michael Eck, Wanda Fisher, and Chris McGill for hosting us on their radio shows over the weekend. It was a delight and a lot of fun to be able to talk about the process of writing these songs, and recording this disc, and then playing a few tunes on the air.

Despite the 15 inches or snow over the weekend in upstate NY, we also rehearsed for several hours with Ben Murray, who will be joining us for this show. We're all excited about how the live versions, with this configuration of musicians is sounding. We can't wait to see you at Caffe Lena on March 31.

The CD is Almost Ripe!! - March 6, 2007

CD, Dreamers, Lovers, and Outlaws is Almost Ripe!!

We are SOOOO close with the disc. In fact, it is now out of our hands. It is mixed, mastered, the artwork is finished, and it's all off to Oasis for replication...due back just in time for the CD Release show at Cafe Lena March 31. It sounds stellar. Roman Klun did a marvelous job mixing, He sent us a soundscape that was bright and complex. Then, Charlie Pilzer at Airshow in Springfield, VA, just brought everything to life with his mastering work. It is amazing how much that process shaped the sound and made it so present. Stay tuned, the way to pre-order will be coming soon....and it's not to early to think about Christmas/holiday gifts! Buy early and often, so we'll be able to retire the costs of this disc, and begin the next one (which we are are starting work on now!).

If you haven't yet, listen to clips...

Also, we've made arrangements again to participate in the Rocky Mountain Song School in Lyons, Colorado, August 12-16. If you've never been, it's a highlight experience, guaranteed to stimulate creativity and help you in the business aspects of music. Prior to that, Siobhan will again be teaching voice at the Swannanoa Gathering's Contemporary Folk week, July 29-August 4. We love the Asheville area, and are looking forward to spending some time with our Alexandria VA, neighbor there, Tom Paxton, among others.

That's the short story for today....and the long look to the end of summer. Now, we're going to hunker down for a bit of snow that is forecast, and wait (impatiently) for spring and the return of our discs. Have I mentioned those?

more later,


Reflections of Life Well Lived - March 1, 2007

I (michael) received a call today from my mother that my great uncle, Earl, the last of his generation, passed away this morning. Earl Bowers was one of the characters who, if it were not so close, would definitely deserve a song on the disc Dreamers, Lovers, and Outlaws.

Earl was, no doubt, a man of his time--he lived for 96 years in Northern Alabama, and saw the world change dramatically during his life. But he wasn't just trapped by the generation that shaped him. He was kind-hearted, generous, inquisitive, and quick with a joke or a laugh. He remained playful until very shortly before his death.

He was also a worker of wood--a cabinetmaker by trade (although those who know realize that he did not make "cabinets"---he made fine furniture as well as art pieces, bowls, boxes, etc., that would sell for what they were--fine art) and he remained active until the last month or so of his life in his woodshop.

I'll miss him. In January we lost our friend Frank Meyer (see entry below). Right at the end of February/beginning of March, I lose the last of a generation in my family. But the good ones are never lost. We'll carry their spirit with us and trust that our spirits will meet again somewhere in the future. Goodbye, Uncle Earl. Godspeed.


Return from Memphis FA Conference! - February 26, 2007

Well, we've returned (finally) from the Folk Alliance conference. We were scheduled to return yesterday, but serious snow and ice in DC forced us to stay in Atlanta overnight. We really wanted to get home, but the side benefit of being stranded in ATL was seeing Siobhan's brother Aidan and his partner Christine, the great duo, Friction Farm.

First, about FA, we want to thank the NERFA Board for their support of our appearance at FA in Memphis. We couldn't have gone without them, and we were really humbled to be able to represent NERFA at the event.

Second, we were very pleased with the reception to our performances and the roughs of our new disc that folks listened to while we were there. We played several different showcases, from Fox Run (thanks Neale and Laurie), Vic's Kick Ass Women (Michael was an honorary woman for that one), the formal Performance Alley showcase, FOCUS (the Washington DC organization promoting live folk music presentations here in our home town), the Kyser Short Cut Capo showcase suite, and the Help Me Rhonda suite of showcases. In every event we had venues approach us about booking, and also some DJs asking us when our disc would be ready. It is humbling and exciting to see the good response to our music. And, we want to thank those with whom we showcased this year--Red Molly, Amy Speace, and Corrinne West--it was great fun. Thanks also to Charlie Pilzer for sitting in with us on upright bass for one of our showcases.

Now, we're on to the followup, making sure the dates and routings will work when we put tours together, and doing the final work on our disc (we finish mixing in the next couple of days, Charlie at Airshow masters on the weekend, and replication begins Monday). We should have them in fine time (barring any disaster) for our release show at Cafe Lena March 31.

We also spent time learning and sharing about many other aspects of the business while we were there. Siobhan presented on the impact that song contests can have on a career. We sat with major music managers (thanks for the time, Tom Simonson), talked with the cooperative label Azalea City, listened to presentations on radio play, promos and press, and other aspects of marketing. We also sketched out a new project with Mae Robertson for later this year....stay tuned for word of a new and different recording project coming soon on the heals of Dreamers, Lovers, and Outlaws, but very different in nature. All in all, it was a great learning experience, and a positive exposure of our music to those who will book us to present, or play us on the radio. Thanks to everyone who came and listened to us...we were honored that among so many hundreds--yes hundreds--of outstanding acts over a three or four day period so many came to hear us present.

It seemed from watching that people were moved by Let It Come, entertained and intrigued by Valentino's Ghost, especially. If you haven't yet, click over to the music section of and listen to clips of early mixes of those and other songs there.

That's it for now. We'll be writing more stuff, life musings, etc.


CD is Finished! - February 19, 2007

Hi all,

Our creative part in the new CD Dreamers, Lovers and Outlaws is finished. Now on to the technical: Roman Klun is currently mixing and Charlie Pilzer of Airshow will be mastering it shortly after that.

We're really excited that we'll have the new project ready for our debut --as a duo-- at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY. It's Siobhan's old stomping ground...and it feels like we're coming home for a big reunion. So this is going to be great fun!

Look for updates as we get closer.
a pre-ordering link will be available on our website shortly.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us as a duo!


Salute to a Friend and Advisor - February 2, 2007

We were saddened to learn that our friend and business advisor, Frank Meyer, passed away at the end of January. Frank was the managing editor of Variety Magazine for many years, and was very encouraging and helpful to us until he was no longer able to advise us due to his illness. We send his wife, Mikki, our heartfelt sympathy. Many, many people will miss him, and we salute the kind spirit that he showed us always.

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